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Why is it called FUNdraising??

Because it’s FUN!

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That’s right, folks.  We’re officially fundraising for our first pilot program set to launch in January, when we’ll teach 8 kids from inner-city Brooklyn how to scuba dive and the science that goes into it.  Running this pilot will cost $4,000.  Please help us raise the funds necessary to make this program a reality!  Take a look at our budget below to see exactly how the funds are allocated:

Transportation $200.00
Underwater video camera with memory $250.00
Insurance $600.00
PADI fees $500.00
Marketing, T-shirts $500.00
Legal expenses $350.00
Program instruction $700.00
Materials $260.00
Administrative expenses $500.00
CC, fiscal sponsor fees $140.00
Total $4,000.00

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Please help us raise awareness by sharing our mission with the friends, family, and random strangers in your life!  … Seriously, send this to everyone you know.  …Seriously, it’s for the kids.


Pilot approaching

Our first pilot program is set to launch in January, 2011.  As the deadline nears, some details seem to be emerging.

It looks like we’ll be working with 8 students (grades 8 and 9) for a 6 week program and covering 5 NYS Intermediate Level Science Core Curriculum Major Understandings:

– The Living Environment: 1.2d  During respiration, cells use oxygen to release the energy stored in food.  The respiratory system supplies oxygen and removes carbon dioxide (gas exchange).

– The Physical Environment: 2.1b  As altitude increases, air pressure decreases.

– The Physical Environment: 3.1 d  Gases have neither a determined shape nor a definite volume.  Gases assume the shape and volume of a closed container.

– The Physical environment: 3.1h  Density can be described as the amount of matter that is in a given amount of space.  If two objects have equal volume, but one has more mass, the one with more mass is denser.

– The Physical Environment: 3.1i  Buoyancy is determined by comparative densities.

We are working to foster the students’ sustained engagement in science.  In the spirit of Einstein (“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”), our short-term measures (weeks 0 – 6) of our success will compare to what degree students spend more time on, put more effort into, and engage in more challenging science problems after the program.

Eyes on the pilot

At the urging and with the aid of one of my consultants, I have been reconsidering my milestones these past few days, i.e. both what they are and what their role is.  At different times and in different ways the idea of managing my work through defined “milestones” has come up frequently.  Up until this point, however, I haven’t given it the attention it deserves.

“Let your milestones guide you,” is what I think Pras was telling me.  “The securing of pool facilities isn’t a milestone.  It’s an obstacle to your milestone.  Your next milestone is the implementation of a pilot program,” I am much more sure he said.  “What are your obstacles to running a pilot?” He definitely asked.

And so my eyes are on the pilot, my new next milestone.  What hindrances must I overcome?:

  • The designing of a curriculum
  • The securing of facilities/equipment
  • Legal stuff

I already have a group of kids to work with.  Is there anything else that seems overlooked?

1, 2, 3, Schooba!


In my business plan, I outlined The Schooba Academy’s major milestones for the program.  Have a gander.  And then have a great day.

Milestone End Date Manager Department
Website 7/1/2010 ZR Marketing
Business Plan 11/17/2010 ZR Business Plan
File for 501(c)(3) 12/1/2010 EB Legal
Curriculum 2/2/2011 ZR Curriculum
Pool 3/1/2011 ZR Implementation
Equipment 3/1/2011 ZR Implementation
Pilot Program 5/1/2011 ZR Implementation
Inaugural Course 9/15/2011 ZR Implementation
Breaking Even 8/1/2112 ZR, SR Finance

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