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Eyes on the pilot

At the urging and with the aid of one of my consultants, I have been reconsidering my milestones these past few days, i.e. both what they are and what their role is.  At different times and in different ways the idea of managing my work through defined “milestones” has come up frequently.  Up until this point, however, I haven’t given it the attention it deserves.

“Let your milestones guide you,” is what I think Pras was telling me.  “The securing of pool facilities isn’t a milestone.  It’s an obstacle to your milestone.  Your next milestone is the implementation of a pilot program,” I am much more sure he said.  “What are your obstacles to running a pilot?” He definitely asked.

And so my eyes are on the pilot, my new next milestone.  What hindrances must I overcome?:

  • The designing of a curriculum
  • The securing of facilities/equipment
  • Legal stuff

I already have a group of kids to work with.  Is there anything else that seems overlooked?

1, 2, 3, Schooba!


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