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NY Aquarium trip 4.2.11

Another fantastic expedition!  Check it out:

Hakeem in his new shirt

Waiting for the L train ... Before some serious lectures on why Mike and Ikes, Oreos, and Good 'N Plenty are not a balanced breakfast.

Hakeem and the Cyclone

The Crew, actin' cool

Big thanks to Richard Blankfein, Dive Safety Officer of the Aquarium, who hooked us up and gave us another behind-the-scenes tour of the compound.

Yashira exploring coral reefs

Wise words from the kiosk ...Can we call that a kiosk?

Who knew neon tetras could be so cool?

Richard and the seals ... Ok, that sounds like a band name.

Hakeem and a Sand Tiger

Yashira and the jellies ...Ok, that also sounds like a band name.

Wait for it ...

Wait for it! ...

(Sound of water rushing.)

"Phew, that was a close call. We almost got drenched!" - Yashira

Yashira on the beach.

Hakeem on the beach.

And a short video clip: Hakeem getting shut down.

Next trip: Explorers Club, 4/16/11 – Stay Tuned!


LES Ecology Center Trip!

This past Saturday, we took a small group to the Lower East Side Ecology Center.  They’re located in East River Park, and “work toward a more sustainable New York City by providing community-based recycling and composting programs, developing local stewardship of green space, and increasing community awareness, involvement and youth development through environmental education programs.”  Have a look at some snapshots from the day.

Yashira and Nyell, two of our newest Schoobents, show off their new gear.

Upon arrival at the park, we were met by Dan, the Education Director of the center.

First, he brought us to the CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) and schooled us on the ramifications of a polluted sewer system.

We then did a bit of water sampling. Here we are getting the temperature. Any guesses?

Now, testing the salinity.

Any guesses?

It was then time for a little East River fishing!

Yashira and Nyell getting ready.

Dan cutting the bait (squid!).

Yashira, getting baited.


Yashira, showing us all how to use the equipment.

Was that a nibble?

Basketball?? ...A little Jimmy Buffett, and Duane has carved himself a little slice of heaven.

Next trip: NY Aquarium on 4/2.  Stay posted!

Plankton lecture and the NY Aquarium

This past Saturday, the Schoobents got a double dose of fun.  We met at The Schooba Academy’s international headquarters (the Lyons Community School science lab) to start our day with an invigorating investigation into … plankton!!  Super duper huge thanks to Tina for coming down and speaking with the Schoobents.  Tina is a zooplankton ecologist at the University of Connecticut, and she told us a bit about what she does, why it’s important, and how she got there.

Prepping the luh-bor-uh-tuh-ree


Catching Jon interested

Jon now fully amazed with plankton

Tina tellin' us what's up with plankton

Learning about plankton

After gaining a graduate level understanding of organismal interactions in the ocean, we headed out to the New York Aquarium in Coney Island.  A not so short couple of train rides brought us there.

Walking to the boardwalk

Lassana at the aquarium

Rodney, Jesus, and Jon at the aquarium

Upon arrival, we were met by Dick Blankfein,  NY Aquarium’s Dive Safety Officer and Dive and Animal Department Volunteer Coordinator, who gave us a VIP tour of the compound.

In the dive shack, where the volunteer divers get suited up for their aquarium dives

Dick tells us what it's like being a diver for the aquarium

Checking out the Education Center

Learning about the animals from the man who knows them personally

Dick even showed us the behind the scenes of the shark tank!  Check out the videos:

And pics:

Lassana behind the scenes

Jon taking a pic of the turtle

The turtle checking out the rest of the group

Shark in the shark tank

It was hot and steamy in there

After our tour, we had a quick lunch (thank you, Sergio!) and explored the rest of the aquarium like civilians.  A few pics for ya:

Checkin' out the fish

Rodney took so many pictures on his phone the battery died.

Rodney snapping another shot

The shark tank from behind the glass

Ooooooooo, aahhhhhhhh

And this one, my personal favorite of the day, taken by Lassana:

Cnidarian silhouette

Billion thanks to Tina, Brad, Rob, Brittany, Mr. and Mrs. Dubov, Mom, and Alyssa for coming down and helping out.

Over halfway through with the pilot!

It’s crazy, I know, but we’re more than halfway through with our 7 week pilot program.  This week, the Schoobents will be receiving their fourth tutoring session (out of 6), and on Saturday, they’ll be attending a lecture on plankton (details to come!) and then heading to the NY Aquarium in Coney Island.

As I mentioned before, I want Schooba to foster an engagement in science for our students and cause them to choose to spend their free time pursuing science learning.  At the start of the pilot, my goal was for 75% of the Schoobents to have at least a 75% attendance.  Well, at our tutoring sessions, so far, 75% of the Schoobents have a 100% attendance!!  But what has been most exciting isn’t that the Schoobents have been showing up, it’s that in the first three weeks, we have had eight different civilian students (i.e. not Schoobents) show up for tutoring!  Now, that’s totally awesome.

1,2,3, Schooba!

Schooba partners with local businesses!

There are three components to The Schooba Academy’s program.  All students receive:

  • Private science tutoring
  • In-water SCUBA training
  • Ongoing field trip invitations

The field trips provide schoobents with ongoing opportunities to participate in exciting science/scuba related activities with a community of like-minded individuals.  For the 7 week pilot, we have organized 3 expeditions: The Explorers Club (January 15), The NY Aquarium (February 12), and The Staten Island Ferry (March 5).  Out of a need to provide good, clean, and affordable nourishment on these days, we have partnered with some totally awesome local food wizards.

Graham Fruits & Veggies, a.k.a. Sergio’s.

On Graham Ave., btwn Maujer and Scholes.

Graham Fruits & Vegetables ... Eat you some magic.

Tri-Color Restaurant & Pizzeria

Also on Graham Ave., and also btwn Maujer and Scholes.

Tri-Color Restaurant & Pizzeria ... Where delicious is their only name.

Check ’em out in the partners page!

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