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Expenses Summary

From the business plan.  Please keep in mind that these are very rough estimates.  Anything seem to be missing?


Due to the direct service nature of the program, the majority of The Schooba Academy’s expenses for the first year are payroll expenses (approximately 60%).

The following table outlines the annual expenses The Schooba Academy will need in order to operate for the year of 2011.

Annual Expenses FY 2011
Payroll $33,600
Marketing/Promotion $1,200
Rent $12,000
Utilities $1,200
Insurance $6,000
Other $2,400
Total Operating Expenses $56,400

Break-even Analysis

According to these estimates, if The Schooba Academy is to break even, it will need to generate a monthly revenue of $4,700.  The Schooba Academy plans to generate approximately 10% of its operating expenses from its Earned Income.  Consequently, using a conservative 8% ($376), The Schooba Academy will need to secure $4,324 a month from Government/Public Funding, Private Giving, and Fundraising Events.



In my business plan, I outlined The Schooba Academy’s major milestones for the program.  Have a gander.  And then have a great day.

Milestone End Date Manager Department
Website 7/1/2010 ZR Marketing
Business Plan 11/17/2010 ZR Business Plan
File for 501(c)(3) 12/1/2010 EB Legal
Curriculum 2/2/2011 ZR Curriculum
Pool 3/1/2011 ZR Implementation
Equipment 3/1/2011 ZR Implementation
Pilot Program 5/1/2011 ZR Implementation
Inaugural Course 9/15/2011 ZR Implementation
Breaking Even 8/1/2112 ZR, SR Finance

Sweet-Water Fish

(This post was written at 4:53 am on 8/7/10 in Prague, Czech Republic and posted at 9:00 pm on 8/9/10 in Ceske Krumlov, Czech Republic.  Internet is not as available as anticipated.  Lo siento for the lack of activity.)

Shortly (30 minutes??), we’ll be leaving Prague to start the cycle down east to Vienna.  But what a city it was!  And what hevruta sessions we had!

For thinking while riding:

– What does good presence in the classroom look like?

– What does it mean to provide a clear relevancy?

– Why now? i.e. Why is there presently a need for this type of program?

– What are the external factors that might affect my work? i.e. political, educational, geographic, economic, etc.

– What the heck are sweet-water fish??

The Prague Aquarium

The Aquarium in Prague

– What are my finances for the first year?  Second year?

Let’s pause on this one for a moment.  I currently have it broken down into four categories: Administrative/Operating, Personnel, Marketing, and One-time equipment purchases.  Take a look at what I anticipate I will have to spend Robert Deniros on and please add to the list!


– Office supplies

– Internet service

– Insurance

– Taxes

– Curriculum supplies

– Pool rental

– Gas for van

– Trips to the Dutch Springs training facility


– My salary

My health insurance


– Business Cards

– T-shirts

One-time equipment purchases

– SCUBA gear


Get creative, kids!

Marketing is all about creativity … I think.  And so, today I would like to announce the launching of The Schooba Academy’s first triannual Competition of Creative Marketing.  Advertise your favorite Academy and win!

Grand Prize – Official Schooba Academy t-shirt!

First Prize – Brand new Hanes TAGLESS white t-shirt with official Schooba Academy design permanently drawn on!

Second Prize – Already broken in Hanes TAGLESS white t-shirt with official Schooba Academy design permanently drawn on!

Third Prize -Incredibly comfortable Reef sandals … already broken in!

incredibly comfortable reef sandals

Please send all submissions to by November 15, 2010.  Winners will be announced shortly afterward.

Current leader

This  “leave-behind” technique compliments of Yoshi

Yoshi's leave-behind technique

Get crackin’!

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