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Expenses Summary

From the business plan.  Please keep in mind that these are very rough estimates.  Anything seem to be missing?


Due to the direct service nature of the program, the majority of The Schooba Academy’s expenses for the first year are payroll expenses (approximately 60%).

The following table outlines the annual expenses The Schooba Academy will need in order to operate for the year of 2011.

Annual Expenses FY 2011
Payroll $33,600
Marketing/Promotion $1,200
Rent $12,000
Utilities $1,200
Insurance $6,000
Other $2,400
Total Operating Expenses $56,400

Break-even Analysis

According to these estimates, if The Schooba Academy is to break even, it will need to generate a monthly revenue of $4,700.  The Schooba Academy plans to generate approximately 10% of its operating expenses from its Earned Income.  Consequently, using a conservative 8% ($376), The Schooba Academy will need to secure $4,324 a month from Government/Public Funding, Private Giving, and Fundraising Events.


Successfully sidetracked … again

This exchange between my mother and me:


Hi Sweetheart,

Important question—Do you still have health coverage through school–when does it expire and what are your plans for maintaining it?
Love you,
hi mum,
i don’t know if i still have health coverage and haven’t put any thought into my plans for maintaining it.
Your response about the insurance seemed really casual and seemed to suggest you don’t think securing or having health insurance is of any concern.  That makes me concerned–I respect and encourage this venture, I hope you are able to give it adequate time to get off the ground and I always wish you success and certainly passion in what you are doing–however, none of that should compromise your safety and not having health insurance does.  If you needed medical care and were without insurance you would either have to apply for Charity Care or you would financially strain and deplete not only yourself but Dad and I as well–and I think that would go completely against you wanting to be responsible and independent.  Take 15 min out of your day and research how astronomical costs are for those w/out insurance.  Please…take this seriously and make sure you have adequate coverage–even if you need to pay into a plan.  This is non negotiable.  I love you and I want to make sure you are safe.
(me, to myself, grumbling)
It’s dad and me.

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