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Vote for us … a thousand times!

We’re super proud to be accepted as one of the August Candidates for All Terrain’s Grant program.  Help us win a $1,000 grant by voting for Schooba on our profile page below.  They do allow multiple voting, so refresh that page and do it again! And again.  And again.  And again.  And again.  And again … times infinity.

Schooba’s AT Cares Grant Candidate profile

DLT Foundation grants $500 to Schooba!

The DLT Foundation provides funds to organizations and individuals that transform and affect the quality of the way people live.  A super huge thanks to them for supporting our Schooba Mentor program!

3rd attempt of me trying to take a picture of myself with the DLT check. ... Artistic or photographically impaired?

Schooba to run a new program, this time bearing credits!

With just a week to go until the end of our pilot program, Lyons Community School has commissioned Schooba to run another course!  The decision came as a result of their recent receiving of a grant, so details are still a bit up in the air.  Some things we do know:

  • The course will be 54 hours long!
  • We will be working exclusively with students that are over-age and under-credited!!
  • Students will be able to receive up to 3 High School Science credits!!!
  • We’ll be getting paid!!!!
  • Classes start Monday, 3/7!!!!

Stay tuned!

Schooba, out.

First meeting with my mentor, Dan: Yeah, what do I want?

Do I really not know?  But, I was so sure that I did!  Dan has that fantastic way of asking those annoyingly essential questions that make you actually have to think about what you’re doing.

7/6/10 – 4:15 pm:

I met Dan at Carino Restaurant & Cantina for some delicious fish tacos, world cup soccer,  and a whole lot of brain picking.  I have worked with Dan for the past two years at Lyons (Community School) where – among the multitude of tasks that entail his professional responsibilities – he works as a math/science coach and – along with the fabulous Jonas and Caroline – has created the Urban Workshop program.  Urban Workshop is a nonprofit program housed within Lyons that “provides a unique learning opportunity for high school students: rigorous academic exploration centered around community construction projects.”

I had created an agenda of items that I wanted to discuss:

– the Pepsi application

– the maturity of Urban Workshop

– the developing of profit vs. nonprofit enterprises

– my finances – what the heck would they be and how the heck would I survive?

It seems, though, that I was getting ahead of myself.

Dan queries, “What do you want?”

I respond, “To start a program that teaches science through SCUBA.”

Dan queries, “Why?”

…Hmm.  This guy is good.

Let’s get something straight.  This is by no means a selfless endeavor.  It is actually quite the contrary.  Why do I want to start this program?  In David Bornstein’s book, How to Change the World (posting here), he asks Fabio Rosa, a Brazilian social entrepreneur and Ashoka Fellow, why he works on the sort of projects that he does.  Rosa responds, “I am trying to build a little part of the world in which I would like to live.”  …Yeah, I want to do that.  I suppose I am trying to create for myself the perfect job.  And although this job would entail helping kids learn and grow, it is very much about me.

When I was working at Lyons, I was dealing with a population of students that would be considered “high needs”.  When I thought about starting this program, I just assumed I would want to work with “high needs” kids.  But Dan asks, “Am I open/do I want to work with other kids?”  “Or is it my mission to be dealing exclusively with the “high needs” population?”  “If I couldn’t work with “high needs” kids, would I still want to do the program?”  “What in this endeavor is most important to me?” … These were questions I couldn’t quite answer, yet questions that really needed to be in order to proceed.  It seems my mission – science through SCUBA – is not as clear as I thought.  What the heck is my program trying to do?  And who the heck is it working with?  In our meeting, much more was discussed, but first, on this I must ruminate.  What the heck do I want my program to do?  What will be my outcomes?

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