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Generating revenue

As stated earlier, ideally, The Academy would be an entirely self-sufficient enterprise, i.e. there would be no need for any outside source of funding, i.e. it would be able to generate enough revenue internally to cover 100% of its costs.

In thinking of ways to achieve this state of perfection, I have been thinking of ways that The Academy could generate revenue.  Hmm, I could charge a tuition, I could … I could … I could …


What are some other ways that The Academy can bring home the bacon?


Sustainable Schooba

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to make The Academy a sustainable institution, i.e. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the heck to make this whole thing work.  And the more I’ve been thinking the more I’ve been realizing that I want to rely as little as possible on outside sources, i.e. if I can generate revenue from within The Academy, this is a good thing and one that should be taken advantage of.  And so, in the present state of affairs – however tentative they might be – I will be moving forward with the development of The Academy as a program which, for at least some kids, comes with a price tag (hopefully a tax deductible one).  Ideally, The Academy will be able to stand on its own two (four?) feet … and then, break the 24-hour run world record.

(This is no way means, though, that I am no longer interested in unsolicited donations of gargantuan proportions.  Seriously, get on that.)

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