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Explorers Club, 4/16

Yet another successful expedition.  Some captured moments in time:

G'Imani, really into her scuba diving magazine.

Duane and a big cat.

Dr. Russell Seidel, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Dowling College, our lecturer for the day.

"Aww, Com'n, Dr. Russ, I thought we were going to do some tough stuff today." - The Schoobents, sulking

"Yeah, no duh." - The Schoobents, in unison.

G'Imani exploring the Explorers Club flag and all of the places it has been.

G'Imani and Nyell exploring the Cheetah.

Boss Duane, with his elephant tusk.

Boss Duane, with his elephant tusks ... again.

Nyell, looking at the Explorers Club flag and thinking about exploring.

Having a look at some of the different Explorers Club explorers.

Big thanks to everyone at the Explorers Club and Dowling College!  Next weekend trip – Earth Day Rockaway, 4/30!


Schooba partners with local businesses!

There are three components to The Schooba Academy’s program.  All students receive:

  • Private science tutoring
  • In-water SCUBA training
  • Ongoing field trip invitations

The field trips provide schoobents with ongoing opportunities to participate in exciting science/scuba related activities with a community of like-minded individuals.  For the 7 week pilot, we have organized 3 expeditions: The Explorers Club (January 15), The NY Aquarium (February 12), and The Staten Island Ferry (March 5).  Out of a need to provide good, clean, and affordable nourishment on these days, we have partnered with some totally awesome local food wizards.

Graham Fruits & Veggies, a.k.a. Sergio’s.

On Graham Ave., btwn Maujer and Scholes.

Graham Fruits & Vegetables ... Eat you some magic.

Tri-Color Restaurant & Pizzeria

Also on Graham Ave., and also btwn Maujer and Scholes.

Tri-Color Restaurant & Pizzeria ... Where delicious is their only name.

Check ’em out in the partners page!

Pilot kickoff, a smashing success!!

The first day for the Schoobents was an early one.  We met promptly at 8:00 AM (most of us) and departed for the Explorers Club headquarters on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  Like true explorers, we took the subway.

Michelle reading on the way ... or hiding her face

We arrived at the club and were ushered to the Trophy Room, where the lecture would be held.  With granola bars and Sierra Mist in hand, we began to take in our new surroundings.  Were we really in the same room that Teddy Roosevelt held cabinet meetings and  Sir Edmund Hillary talked about Everest?  …  We were certainly in the same room that a lion lay stuffed in and animals’ heads hung from the walls.

Lassana with his new friends

Rodney in the Trophy Room

Michelle and the lion

We stuffed our face with the free food (at least I did), and got ready for the lecture.  Horseshoe crabs!!!

A friendly lecture with Dr. John Tanacredi, Dowling College Professor of Earth & Marine Sciences

More lecture

Hey, Dr. John, our boy Rodney's got a question for ya.

A tour of the club followed, and the kids let me take a Schooba marketing picture in front of a giant globe.

Michelle with a bunch of famous old dudes

Juan and Rolman checkin' out the artwork

Those flags have been to the moon, to the summit of Mt. Everest, to both poles, and beyond!

The Schoobents at the Explorers Club!

Lassana in front of the club

Then, it was back to Brooklyn for some pizza, beef patties (with cheese, pepperoni, and coco bread), and Schooba Academy cake!!

Picking the tunes


Kids with the cake

Overall, it was a fantastic day.  The kids got to experience something new, meet some super interesting people, and even learn a bit of science!!  I’ll leave you with this short clip from the day:

Big shout out to Alyssa, Lissa, Rob and Mom for coming down (up?) and helping out.

Pilot kickoff at the Explorers Club!

January 15 marks the launching of our first pilot program.  For our kickoff event, The Schooba Academy will be heading uptown to the illustrious Explorers Club for a Saturday morning of science with Dr. Chris Boyko.  Check out the event page below:

“The Better to Eat You With: Parasite Adaptations”

Pizza and organic fruit smoothies will probably follow.

The Academy rings the bell!

Last night The Schooba Academy made its first ever appearance at the illustrious Explorer’s Club.  Set amidst the quaint brownstones of the Upper East Side, the EC headquarters is a gathering place for some of the world’s greatest explorers.  Among the club members’ many accomplishments are: first to the North Pole, first to the South Pole, first to the summit of Mt. Everest, first to the deepest point in the ocean, and first to the moon.  Not extraordinary at the club, you might find your Average Joe sharing good cheese and conversation with a swashbuckler of world fame.

Last night, I went to listen to Jarrod Jablonski and Casey McKinlay speak about their adventures exploring some of the largest underwater cave systems in the world.  As tradition, transition from the cocktail hour into the lecture hall is signaled by the ringing of the famous Explorer’s Club bell.  And as fate would have it, last night, that honor fell on moi.  I thought I’d capture my 15 minutes via my camera phone, and I quickly handed it off to the gentleman next to me in tweed … which turned out to be a bad choice.

my memento for the evening

Help The Schooba Academy support a generation of adventurers with camera phone operating capabilities!

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