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Houston, we have a partner.

…Ok, so that was corny, but it’s true!!  And I couldn’t be more excited.  The Schooba Academy has officially partnered with K586 – Lyons Community School, a title-1 NYC public school in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn serving students grades 6-12.  They will be our pool for the pilot (pun intended) which has been set to launch January 15.  So, it seems my next step is to secure equipment and facilities.  Check out the updated one pager that I’ll be presenting to dive shops to try and get some donations.  (You can’t see it here, but there are dual Schooba and Lyons logos on the letterhead.  It looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself.)

The Schooba Academy

Teaching Science through SCUBA

Who we are:

The Schooba Academy has designed a curriculum that teaches standards-based middle and high school science through the PADI Scuba Diver training.

Why we work:

It is The Schooba Academy’s mission to foster a sustained engagement in science for students from low-income communities through the learning of SCUBA diving.

What will happen:

A student that completes our program will become a student that sees science as an interesting and worthwhile investment.  Outcomes over time will be:

  • Short-term (0 – 9 weeks) – Students will spend more time on, put more effort into, and engage in more challenging science problems
  • Mid-term (9 weeks – 1 year) – Improved performance in science class
  • Long-term (+1 year) – Students will more aggressively pursue opportunities in science

Who we work with:

The Schooba Academy has partnered with K586 – Lyons Community School, a title-1 NYC public school serving students grades 6-12.

Pilot program:

We are looking to run 2 pilot courses beginning January 15, 2010 and serving 10 students.  The curriculum will connect the PADI Scuba Diver training to 5 NYS Intermediate Level Science Core Curriculum Major Understandings.

Our needs:

To complete this pilot, we are asking for donations of products, donations of money, and support in raising awareness.  Our budget is $3,500, and we still need donations of money, PADI Open Water Diver Manuals, the PADI Open Water Diver Video, SCUBA equipment, and a pool to train in.  In return, a Partnership will provide retailers with:

  • The opportunity of being a part of a new and innovative organization dedicated to helping young people in need
  • Positive PR and the opportunity of marketing their involvement with The Schooba Academy
  • Retail traffic
  • Exclusive referrals

Eyes on the pilot

At the urging and with the aid of one of my consultants, I have been reconsidering my milestones these past few days, i.e. both what they are and what their role is.  At different times and in different ways the idea of managing my work through defined “milestones” has come up frequently.  Up until this point, however, I haven’t given it the attention it deserves.

“Let your milestones guide you,” is what I think Pras was telling me.  “The securing of pool facilities isn’t a milestone.  It’s an obstacle to your milestone.  Your next milestone is the implementation of a pilot program,” I am much more sure he said.  “What are your obstacles to running a pilot?” He definitely asked.

And so my eyes are on the pilot, my new next milestone.  What hindrances must I overcome?:

  • The designing of a curriculum
  • The securing of facilities/equipment
  • Legal stuff

I already have a group of kids to work with.  Is there anything else that seems overlooked?

1, 2, 3, Schooba!


In my business plan, I outlined The Schooba Academy’s major milestones for the program.  Have a gander.  And then have a great day.

Milestone End Date Manager Department
Website 7/1/2010 ZR Marketing
Business Plan 11/17/2010 ZR Business Plan
File for 501(c)(3) 12/1/2010 EB Legal
Curriculum 2/2/2011 ZR Curriculum
Pool 3/1/2011 ZR Implementation
Equipment 3/1/2011 ZR Implementation
Pilot Program 5/1/2011 ZR Implementation
Inaugural Course 9/15/2011 ZR Implementation
Breaking Even 8/1/2112 ZR, SR Finance

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