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Meet the inaugural class for the Schooba Mentor program!

Tuesday, 5/31, The Schooba Academy launched its Schooba Mentor program.  In this, our newest program, three students from Lyons Community School have been paired with three totally awesome mentors to complete a full scuba certification course together.  The students are simultaneously receiving free, private tutoring on the science involved in scuba diving.  Have a look at some pics from their first session.

Follow the links below to learn more about the newest Schoobents and to help support them in their quest to Schooba!

Gideon & Juan

Dierre & Quincy

John & Rolman


Naui Scuba Diver Course, Class 1

The Schooba Mentor program kicked off this past Tuesday, and both students and mentors began their training for the Naui Scuba Diver Certification.  Instruction for the course is being run by Ocean Horizons Scuba.  All classes will consist of a classroom and pool session.  Tuesday provided a basic introduction to scuba and its equipment, followed by a pool session covering basic swimming and skin diving skills and techniques.  Session 1 is in the books, so grab a slice at Schmooks, your crochet hooks, that Sharper Image alarm clock that made sounds of babbling brooks,  and have a looks!

John and Rolman, walking on the street.

Gideon, Juan, and Quincy, talking and walking at the same time.

Dierre and Quincy, about to walk into their first ever scuba class.

In the classroom, checking out the reading material.

Rolman and Juan, showing off their scuba stuff.

"No, Quincy, sleep is important. Please don't stay up all night reading your new scuba manual. Try and spread it out over a few days." - Me

Laser focus.

Sponge-like minds, in action.

Learning about diving cylinders.

The classroom

The crew, looking cool and fit, by the pool.

Now with their scuba instructor, Paul Bardo of Ocean Horizons Scuba.

The pool

Mask clearing.

Quincy and Dierre, about to learn some scuba skills.

Perfecting our kicks.

John and Rolman, finding it funny that they both had dreams about scuba diving the previous night.

Thank you Diver Magazine!

For your generous product donations.

I’ll be quizzing them soon.

Executive Summary, Mission, Objectives

Yes, it has been a while, I know.  But before you smash my favorite ukulele and storm out in a fit, please, hear me out!!  …Where was I?  I was … I was … I was … writing my business plan!

And what a plan it is!  Much has changed since we spoke last, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.  If you have any interest in seeing the first draft of the business plan in its entirety, please just email me (, and I will send a copy your way.  Otherwise, I’ll be posting parts of the plan through the next week or so, so stay tuned! Also, check out the ‘About Schooba’  section of the blog as it has been updated, as well.

Please be advised that this is only the first draft, and that what you’re reading is not only open to change, but likely to.

Executive Summary

The Schooba Academy is a soon to be 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission of fostering a sustained engagement in science for students from low-income communities through having them learn how to SCUBA dive.  We believe that a knowledge of science empowers people to be critical and conscious citizens, and that an authentic, long-term engagement is the best foundation for this knowledge.  Unfortunately, students from low-income communities continue to lack skills and interest in the sciences when compared to their more wealthy peers.

At The Schooba Academy, students from low-income communities are paired with a screened and qualified mentor, and together they complete the PADI Open Water Scuba Diver training course.  Throughout the training process the student receives xx number of hours of 1:1 tutoring from their mentor on xx number of NYS Intermediate Level Science Core Curriculum Major Understandings.

The Schooba Academy fosters engagement by creating an experience where students are both learning and having fun.  The use of SCUBA diving as an engaging, relevant, and experiential vehicle for the learning of science, and the providing of 1:1 tutoring ensure this is the case.

All of the start-up expenses for the program have been covered by an investment of $20,000 by Zach Rome.  The Schooba Academy is planning for its inaugural class in September, 2011, where it will operate at an estimated budget of $4,700 per month.  Approximately 10% of this will be generated through Earned Income of the program.  The remainder ( $4,324) will need to be secured through Government/Public Funding, Private Giving, and Fundraising Events.

For at least the first year of operation, The Schooba Academy will serve only students from NYC.


The Schooba Academy works to foster a sustained engagement in science for students from low-income communities through learning how to SCUBA dive.


The Schooba Academy’s objectives during the first year of operation are:

  • To teach xx number of NYS Intermediate Level Science Core Curriculum Major Understandings through the use of SCUBA diving
  • To provide each student with xx hours of 1:1 science tutoring with a qualified mentor
  • For 80% of tutored students to pass the PADI Open Water Scuba Diver Final Exam
  • For 80% of tutored students to sustain an interest in science for at least one year

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