And the tutoring begins!

Yesterday we held our first tutoring session from 3:45 PM – 5:15 PM in the Lyons Community School Science Lab.  The room was prepped with the Schooba Academy materials, curriculums, and dive gear.

The science lab

The Schooba classroom tutoring materials

The Schooba tutoring table

The dive gear ...check out that wetsuit!!

Before the tutoring began, students took a pre assessment and survey.

Jesus and Netty taking their pre assessment and survey

While the Tuesday class was finishing up their pre test, these screwballs from the Wednesday class decided that they couldn’t wait another day to get some Schooba in their lives.

The Wednesday class invasion

I couldn’t deny them their science, so class got a little bit bigger.

The first ever Schooba Academy tutoring class

We started out on the first page of the curriculum, but ended up flipping back and forth to cover topics that were of interest or needed clarification.  We went over the respiratory system, gases, and air.  We built scales out of rulers and balloons, set off stink bombs, and used syringes to compress air.  We learned that air has a weight, gases have no definite shape and no definite volume, and that because the molecules of a gas are not touching, gases can be easily (relatively) compressed.  …Oh yeah, and we learned that Dirty’s Jalepeno Heat Potato Chips are totally awesome.

Tutoring session #2: today from 3:45 PM – 5:15 PM.  Stay posted.


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