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Schooba Materials

I’ve begun to gather the materials for the course.  These came in the other day.  …Might regret this experiment.

What an invention.

Other materials include:

Balloons, String, Rulers, Toothpicks, Tape, Syringes, SCUBA equipment, Ziploc bags, Triple beam balance, Scale balance, Cups, Measuring cup, Salt, Stirrers, Tubs, Seltzer, Raisins, Variety of sodas, Eggs, Lemons, Limes, DarkFin Gloves, Bulb baster, Saran wrap, Bowls, Underwater Frisbee, and more!

Help kids break Stink Bombs productively!!


Meet Rodney and Jesus!

Two more Schoobents added to the list.

Meet Rodney and Jesus

And then help us reach our fundraising goal!

Meet the kids!!

Spots are filling up for our January pilot.  Check out the first Schoobents!  … Yeah, that’s right, we called them Schoobents.

Meet the kids!

And then help us raise the funds we need to make this program a smashing success!

Curriculum printed!

The Schooba curriculum works as an interactive guide, where  a combination of lessons, activities, and demonstrations present standards-based science through scuba diving.

In the pilot curriculum, 5 NYS Intermediate Level (Grades 5-8) Science Core Curriculum Major Understandings are covered:

– LE 1.2d  During respiration, cells use oxygen to release the energy stored in food.  The respiratory system supplies oxygen and removes carbon dioxide (gas exchange)

– PE 2.1b  As altitude increases, air pressure decreases

– PE 3.1d  Gases have neither a determined shape nor a definite volume.  Gases assume the shape and volume of a closed container

– PE 3.1h  Density can be described as the amount of matter that is in a given amount of space.  If two objects have equal volume, but one has more mass, the one with more mass is denser

– PE 3.1i  Buoyancy is determined by comparative densities

Not the best pic in the world, but a general sense of what they look like

Help kids learn science through scuba diving!

The Academy rings the bell!

Last night The Schooba Academy made its first ever appearance at the illustrious Explorer’s Club.  Set amidst the quaint brownstones of the Upper East Side, the EC headquarters is a gathering place for some of the world’s greatest explorers.  Among the club members’ many accomplishments are: first to the North Pole, first to the South Pole, first to the summit of Mt. Everest, first to the deepest point in the ocean, and first to the moon.  Not extraordinary at the club, you might find your Average Joe sharing good cheese and conversation with a swashbuckler of world fame.

Last night, I went to listen to Jarrod Jablonski and Casey McKinlay speak about their adventures exploring some of the largest underwater cave systems in the world.  As tradition, transition from the cocktail hour into the lecture hall is signaled by the ringing of the famous Explorer’s Club bell.  And as fate would have it, last night, that honor fell on moi.  I thought I’d capture my 15 minutes via my camera phone, and I quickly handed it off to the gentleman next to me in tweed … which turned out to be a bad choice.

my memento for the evening

Help The Schooba Academy support a generation of adventurers with camera phone operating capabilities!

I wanna be in Schooba!

Yesterday, I went to Lyons Community School to start recruiting kids for the pilot.  I hosted an info session in one of the classrooms after school and drew a solid crowd of about 25 kids.  Not all interested could make it though, and I got this crumpled up note handed off to me on my way out of the school.

Help make it a reality!!

I told you

I came up with this when I was 8.  Of course, no one listens to me.

DarkFin Gloves

The first $25 I raise over our goal will go towards a pair of these for our kids to play around with while scuba diving!

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