My one pager, take 2

Let me know what you think … seriously.

The Schooba Academy

Teaching Science through SCUBA

Who we are:

The Schooba Academy has designed a curriculum that aligns the PADI Open Water Scuba Diver training to address 20 NYS Intermediate Level Science Core Curriculum Major Understandings.  In our program, students from low-income communities are paired with a screened and qualified mentor, and together they complete the Schooba course.  Throughout the program, the student receives 1:1 tutoring from their mentor on the science involved in SCUBA diving.

Why we work:

We believe that a knowledge of science empowers people to be critical and conscious citizens, and that an authentic, long-term engagement is the best foundation for this knowledge.  Unfortunately, students from low-income communities continue to lack skills and an interest in the sciences when compared to their higher-income peers.

The Schooba Academy’s mission is to foster a sustained engagement in science  for students from low-income communities through the learning of SCUBA diving.

What will happen:

A student that completes our program will become a student that sees science as an interesting and worthwhile investment.  This student will perform better in science academically, pursue careers and opportunities in science more aggressively, and be more critical and conscious in their decisions.


The Schooba Academy is looking to partner with various SCUBA related businesses.  We are in need of PADI Open Water Diver Manuals, SCUBA equipment, and the use of pool facilities.  In return, our partners will receive:

  • The opportunity of being a part of a new and innovative organization dedicated to helping young people in need
  • Positive PR and the opportunity of marketing their involvement with The Schooba Academy
  • Retail traffic
  • Exclusive Open Water training dive referrals for our partnering dive shop

2 Responses to “My one pager, take 2”

  1. 1 michael montero September 28, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    Oh whats up zach so i came to your website its nice very impresive i like but i just want to know what i can do to help with this in school im gonna inform at least 10 people then those 10 people inform 10 more people and have you website really out there man . peace got to go

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