More resources

A short list of interesting/relevant resources either discovered or forwarded in the past couple of weeks:

Karma Kitchen

“Imagine a restaurant where there are no prices on the menu and where the check reads $0.00 with only this footnote: “Your meal was a gift from someone who came before you. To keep the chain of gifts alive, we invite you to pay it forward for those dine after you.”


“Zambaleta is a nonprofit community world music and dance school based in San Francisco’s Mission District. We offer music and dance classes, hullabaloos, hootenannies, and other musical encounters that lift the human spirit and create community.

Whether you’re a rock star, you can’t keep a tune, or you’re both, you’ll find in zambaleta a welcoming environment to become a better musician, meet new friends, and play together.
Most of our classes are taught in a group setting – that way you get to meet fellow musicians with similar interests, learn with them, play with them, and pay less money. If you are looking for a more personalized learning experience, our faculty is also available to teach private lessons.
Welcome to Zambaleta!”
The Extraordinaries
“Most of us live incredibly busy lives. With 60 hour work-weeks, kids, running errands, and the stress of everything else, it’s difficult to take an entire day off to volunteer, but we do have spare time that comes in brief moments. Every single day, we spend 274 million hours on Facebook and we watch over 1 billion YouTube videos. What if we could complete a useful volunteer activity in that same time?
What we do

We’re an online micro-volunteering network where people use their professional skills to solve nonprofits’ challenges in 10 minutes, or less. We deliver short, simple, and fun online volunteer opportunities so that people can volunteer wherever and whenever they have free time.

The Problem

Most of us live incredibly busy lives. With 60 hour work-weeks, kids, running errands, and the stress of everything else, it’s difficult to take an entire day off to go volunteer

How it works

Nonprofits post challenges to the network. Volunteers post one or more answers to each challenge. A challenge could be anything from, “Can you critique these logo designs?,” to “How can we raise funds to drill a well in Kenya?” When volunteers have a free moment, they find a challenge that’s interesting to them and that matches their skills. When they’ve found a challenge that suits them, they post an answer.

For nonprofits

If you’re a nonprofit and you need help, this is the place. There are thousands of volunteers here – ready and willing to help you sort through all kinds challenges. And we’ve even got pre-built “Kits” that turn a series of best practices into challenges for volunteers.

For groups and corporations

Our Micro-volunteering Enterprise software provides a turnkey solution for employee volunteer programs. It’s designed to make volunteering convenient for super busy staff and engaging for online-all-the-time Millennial generation employees. We also provide detailed reporting that makes it easy to measure impact.

For individuals

Individuals can convert their spare time into social good by volunteering online from the convenience of their desk, or favorite coffee shop. Whether they’re part of an employee volunteer program, a college student, or a stay at home mom they’ll find an opportunity to share their skills and professional expertise to solve nonprofits’ challenges. You can start micro-volunteering in less than ten minutes. 

The Company

The Extraordinaries is a for-profit social enterprise with headquarters in San Francisco, CA. We’re backed by leading social entrepreneurship organizations and an amazing investment team. We’re currently exploring becoming a B-Corp.”

The Extraordinaries

Ocean Opportunity Inc.

“OO inspires & educates, and catalyzes & collaborates – to advance the ocean sciences and technology through exploration.  This work is built upon a model spanning the following disciplines:

Science – discovery targeting the betterment of human condition, and improving the quality of life on earth.

Technology – development and application of new technologies to afford access to unexplored fronteirs.

Society – through the humanities, reach a broad audience, uplift the human spirit, and offer hope.”

George C. Chatzopoulos Fund

“George C. Chatzopoulos was a man whose passion for life, sense of adventure, and fearless attitude was tangible, and could positively affect others and their outlook. He was doing just that when he lost his life surfing El Salvador’s K-59 on March 14, 2009. We are keeping George’s passion for adventure alive by giving back to what inspired George; surfing, ecology, education and children in need.”

The Mosaic Project

“The Mosaic Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, works towards a peaceful future by reaching children in their formative years.

We unite young children of diverse backgrounds, provide them with essential skills to thrive in an increasingly diverse society, and empower them to strive for peace.

We create a microcosm of the diverse, inclusive, just world we want to see and show our young students that peace is possible.

We seed the future population of middle schools, high schools, and all the venues of adult life with thousands of individuals who have seen a new possibility of what the world can be. Not only are our students inspired to work towards peace, they have been given concrete skills to do so and are empowered to take action.”



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