Hevruta in Schooba

The Posen Seminar is going great.  There is definitely a lot of work in what are definitely long days, but the diverse and open-minded group of participants have made this a most enjoyable learning experience.

It is late; I am tired; we start bright and early tomorrow.  I do, however, want to briefly mention my biggest takeaway thus far: Hevruta learning.  (Possibly also spelled ‘chavurah’ or ‘havurah’)  I will provide a source of further information at the end of this posting, but as I presently understand it (please correct me if I’m wrong) hevruta is a traditional Jewish method of learning.  It involves a partner and a text, and through discussion and debate the pair explore the text together to gain a deeper understanding and varying perspectives/interpretations.  As well, each person has an obligation to help their partner in their learning. Customarily, this method is associated with the learning of the “central text of mainstream Judaism”, The Talmud, but what a shame it would be to keep it so confined!  Is this a strategy that The Academy could in some way use?  When SCUBA diving, one should never go alone.  Always, it is recommended that you dive with a buddy, and throughout the SCUBA training process all divers are paired with one.  This partnership – which is so fundamental to SCUBA diving – seems to provide the ideal venue for learning via the method of hevruta.  Non?

As promised:

For further information on hevruta

1.  Go to www.google.com

2.  Type the word “hevruta” into the text box

3.  Click “Google Search”


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