What did I gain from SCUBA?

On August 3rd I will be departing for a trip in which I will ride a bicycle from Prague to Vienna.  If this gives you the impression that I am some sort of cyclist, you are most certainly mistaken; I haven’t ridden a 30 mile day in all my life, let alone many 30 mile days to necessitate this trip.  There is not a smidgen of evidence that would suggest that this is a reasonable endeavor, but like I said, I am irrationally confident.

Anyways, I had a meeting with my great friend, roommate, and travel buddy to go over some logistics of our adventure.

Alex: “Alright, so we need to find out where we can rent bikes in Prague.”

Me: “What are some of the biggest needs of our kids?”

Alex, perplexed: “What?”

I tricked him.  This was going to be a Schooba meeting, instead.  In addition to being a great friend, roommate, and travel buddy, Alex was my colleague at Lyons for the past two years, and is now doubling as The Schooba Academy’s Math Consultant and Director of Advocating the Devil.  This was going to be a Schooba meeting, instead.

“Our kids don’t participate in enough experiences where learning is enjoyable,” I plead.

For not very long, Alex ruminates.  “I don’t think I participated in many experiences where learning was enjoyable,” he responds.

My turn for rumination:

… He’s got a point.  Aside from SCUBA diving, I can’t quite come up with much else.

“What did you gain from SCUBA diving?”  He probes.

Another good one.  It takes me some thinking, but eventually I come up with an answer I am happy with:

“Direction,” I say.  “I guess SCUBA diving provided me with a direction – a foundation for making decisions.”

“But you were passionate about SCUBA diving.  You can’t ensure that all of these kids are even going to like it?

“Oh, come on,” I retort.  “How many people that have ever been SCUBA diving don’t like it!?”

“I didn’t!  I was terrified!” He says through my snickers.  “You can’t assume that it’s going to give them the same direction that it gave you.  What can you ensure that you can give them through teaching them to SCUBA dive?”

… Hmm, well I can confidently say that I can improve their understanding of science … and most certainly they will be trying something new … Do I smell a mission?:

To academically and experientially enrich the lives of (at risk?) NYC youth through learning how to SCUBA dive??



2 Responses to “What did I gain from SCUBA?”

  1. 1 Frye July 19, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    I finally got one of your movie references without any hints! “Hiiii, Waaaaayyyyyne.”

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