First meeting with my totally awesome lawyer and friend, Blue: Snap back to reality

First, it must be noted how incredibly indebted and forever grateful I am to my totally awesome lawyer and friend, code name: Blue.  Thanks to her devoted disposition and meaningless job in the corporate world, she has offered to help The Schooba Academy navigate the treacherous veins of the legal system.  And all for the fare of a Fred’s brunch and warm cup of chai.  (Medieval bow) Blue, I owe you.

So lawyers have a different way of going about things.  Our meeting was all over the place – we talked about everything from my budget to my mission, from trademarking to legal structures.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look at our notes.

Meeting 1 with Blue: Notes page 1

Meeting 1 with Blue: Notes page 2

Meeting 1 with Blue: Notes page 3

Meeting with Blue: Notes page 4

One thing became clear, however; Blue was going to help me think realistically.  I have a tendency to be irrationally confident –  a characteristic that I have found to be necessary and enjoyable, but also, at times, fatal.  Blue reminded me that I was up against something that was much larger than me, something that operated with machine-like indifference – paperwork.  If my question is How do I make this happen? Then my answer is play ball.  Perhaps the most poignant point of the meeting was when Blue told me, “You’re not going to get money if people don’t feel that what you’re doing is possible.”

So you’re saying that not everyone is as unconditionally confident in me as I am?


Well, it seems to me that the best way to instill confidence is to exude it.  So watch out, because I’m oozing all over the place.

Next Steps

To bring closure to our meeting, we decided to narrow our focus and assign some next steps. Blue volunteered to:

1.  Look into trademarking my stuff

2.  Research the NYC DOE Vendor’s Guide

3.  Do more research on nonprofits

4.  Organize my thoughts (evidently, they’re not organized)

To come up with my next steps, I asked Blue to ask me some questions that I didn’t have the answers to.  She queries:

“Where is my funding coming from?”

I stopped her.  “Good question,” I commended, “but not the right time.  Let’s think a little more immediate.”  I thought that was a good plan.

Blue: “What type of legal entity do you want?”

Me: “Whatever makes this possible.”  I really liked my answer.  I thought it was witty and appropriate.  “Next question.”

Blue: “When do you want your program to happen?”

Me: “Whenever makes it possible.”  Oh, I’m on fire now.  “Next question.”

Blue: “Are there any programs out there that have similar goals?”

Me: click … “Good question.  Next.”

Blue: “Do you want a partner?”

Me: click … “Good question.  Next.”

Blue: “If you do, what would be some nonprofits that you’d like to partner with?”

Me: “Ok, that’s good!”

And again, I must ruminate.


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